What is All In™?

All In is an exhilarating wellness adventure to take participants and their family to new heights in healthy living — while climbing a virtual mountain together and strengthening relationships. They’ll embark on a hike toward better health with those who have the greatest influence on their well-being — the people they call family.

How does it work?

Participants join together in family teams (those in their household or coworkers… anyone they consider family) on a hike to reach the mountain summit. All In families make daily or weekly elevation gains by practicing Smart Steps — simple health habits to help everyone Move More, Eat for Energy, and Connect. Each day they explore new terrain with vivid photographs and handy health tips.

Who can participate?

All In taps into the power of social support by using a broad, inclusive definition of family — everyone from babies to grandparents will love the program’s instant feedback as they move up the mountain. Hiking alongside their All In family makes healthy living fun — and sustainable — as they encourage each other along the way.

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