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Use a Wellness Buddy Approach to Energize Your Program

April 14, 2014

Your wellness program may offer a stellar assortment of resources to promote employee and family well-being. But does it cultivate the one element that could make all the difference between short-lived and sustainable behavior change?

The vital role of social support in adopting a healthy lifestyle can’t be overstated. Changing deep-seated habits like tobacco use, poor nutrition, being sedentary, or not managing stress is an extremely complex task. Along the way, even highly motivated participants experience lapses, frustration, and self-doubt; for most, going it alone is a recipe for failure, making future attempts harder — and less likely.


Understanding Your Employee Culture

April 14, 2014

by Dean Witherspoon   Dean's profile on LinkedIn  

Much is written about the elusive culture of health mature wellness programs are striving for in American companies today. It’s sometimes positioned as the end game of a highly successful series of programs and policies that transform a workplace population from the US norm — 67% overweight, 15% smokers, 60% underactive, and more than half stressed and sleep-deprived — to one where most are moving in a positive direction and the healthy choice is always the default.


A Fresh Look at Best Practices In Wellness

April 01, 2014

by Dean Witherspoon   Dean's profile on LinkedIn  

If you’re a longtime reader you know we don’t put a lot of stock in so-called wellness best practice lists (read The Curse of Knowledge and Why We’re Stuck in Wellness). One of our primary frustrations is it takes the focus off what really matters to employees: communication, recognition, growth, respect, leadership, and compensation. If these key issues aren’t addressed in your organization, you’re working in a demotivating culture and pulling people into your wellness program is going to be tough, but not impossible.

Although wellness can’t directly affect all areas, the results can be a guide… setting the tone for how you operate. And you can have an impact on at least the top 4 best practices that matter most to employees.