Better Together: Workplace Wellness + EAP

August 01, 2014

Better Together: Workplace Wellness + EAP

It’s an ordinary day at work, and Jason can’t keep his eyes open. Between looking for a care facility for his mother, working a side job to pay off debt, and family obligations with his wife and kids, he’s burning the candle at both ends. He’s sedentary and could stand to lose 20 pounds, but is he excited about your wellness program? Hardly… a wellness challenge sounds like one more thing to do, and he doesn’t have the energy.


24% of Workers Don’t Trust Their Employers...

July 22, 2014

by Dean Witherspoon   Dean's profile on LinkedIn  

Have I Got a Wellness Program for You

When I read that stat from the American Psychological Association’s Work and Well-Being Survey my reaction was… Yikes! So every fourth person you pass in the hall is not a candidate for your wellness program. After all, if the employer is providing this service and I don’t trust my employer, will I sign up for a health screening? Uh, no. Health coaching? Nope. Risk appraisal? Certainly not. Wellness challenge? Hmmm…

It says here that no one from the company will have access to my personal data — yeah, right. And the only thing I’m recording is my physical activity. Not my weight? Not my blood pressure? Not my cholesterol? Not how much I drink? This doesn’t seem so bad… Joe and the guys on second shift are doing it. Maybe I’ll give this a try…


Reflect More, Research Less for Better Wellness Program Results

July 22, 2014

by Dean Witherspoon   Dean's profile on LinkedIn  

We get to work with some really smart, hearts-in-the-right-place wellness professionals every year. But increasingly, we’re dismayed at their lack of time to stop and just think — about what they’re doing, about what they did, about what they want to do. The endless parade of meetings, conference calls, and paperwork gets interrupted only for doing more research to uncover “best practice” or the latest theory of what’s going to make all their wellness program management dreams come true.


Reality Check: Fruits, Veggies, and Weight Loss

July 14, 2014

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Pushing produce for good health has long been a workplace wellness no-brainer. But a recent study calls for a heads-up on the common claim that more fruits and veggies mean weight loss.

Researchers reviewed a large database of studies to investigate. The results, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found no evidence that eating more produce — without reducing total calories — leads to weight loss.