10 Wellness Clichés to Banish From Your Vocabulary

January 21, 2014

by Dean Witherspoon   Dean's profile on LinkedIn  

ROI. It’s nearly impossible to prove; if someone is trying to sell you something based on their 3:1 ROI, run.

Secret sauce. There really are no secrets in wellness. If something works (or sells), there are lots of copycats.

Incentivize/Incent. Just say “provide an incentive.” Yes, it’s more words, but it doesn’t sound silly. And sometimes “motivate” or “inspire” will work even better.

Bandwidth. Wellness people aren’t that geeky. If you don’t have enough, just say you need more help.

Wellness Focus Groups Done Well

January 08, 2014

Done right, in the hands of a skilled leader, focus groups can yield a depth of understanding you just can’t glean from online surveys. It’s a little more work, but the payoff can be significant. Done poorly, focus groups can veer off course and take your wellness program down an ineffective and costly path. Follow these tips to do them well:

What Wellness Leaders Can Learn From the Obamacare Website Debacle

January 07, 2014

by Dean Witherspoon   Dean's profile on LinkedIn  

It appears many of the bugs plaguing the Affordable Care Act enrollment site have been exterminated after 2 months of around-the-clock repairs. Regardless of where you stand on the ACA law itself, there’s no denying the website launch was a total disaster.

While the challenge was no doubt formidable, with more than 4 years to design, build, and perfect the website, the US government provides a textbook example of how not to buy and build a vital online system. Some lessons for health promoters:


I Don’t Have Time to Exercise

January 07, 2014

by Dean Witherspoon   Dean's profile on LinkedIn  

But if you did have time, what would you do?

9 of 10 people will use too little time as a top 3 excuse not to get it done. Legitimate or not, it’s real because people continue to use it. What it boils down to is exercise hasn’t emerged as a high enough priority for them to make the time to do it.