Our Wellness Challenge Products

Our approach to product and wellness challenge development is pretty simple… look for a worksite wellness need, then fill it. But not with another me-too product. There are plenty of good health coaches and HRAs without us. So we create fun, engaging wellness campaigns and communication tools that inspire large segments of the population to actually do something to improve health, not just learn about it.

Workplace Wellness Challenge

Wellness Challenges

It’s what we’re known for... we’ve created dozens of wellness challenge campaigns and provided health promotion services to thousands of organizations (and millions of participants) since 1994. We’re the clear leader in this segment of the wellness market.

WIN (Wellness In Numbers)

WIN (Wellness In Numbers)

As a small (or budget-challenged) organization you get to take advantage of the same quality programs that have helped hundreds of thousands achieve better health at larger companies. Your employees get all the benefits of world-class wellness campaigns for a small setup fee, affordable participant fees, and FREE monthly hosting!

Custom Corporate Wellness Challenges

Custom Wellness Challenges

Health Enhancement Systems has the good fortune to have great projects find us. So we take on a few every year that get our juices going and have the potential to improve the health of thousands.

Workplace Wellness with Health Promotion Practitioner

Health Promotion Practitioner

Learn how to increase participation, add creativity to promotions, build support for your program, devise successful evaluation strategies, stay on top of industry developments, and find best-in-class resources. You get 6 issues a year — clear, concise, powerful information for you and your career.

Free Workplace Wellness White Papers

Free Stuff

Here’s the bottom line: we give away lots of useful free stuff because we want you to take a closer look at the products we’d like you to buy. The secret is out. And we’re unapologetic about it because we know they’ll help you and your participants. So download our white papers and sign up for our e-newsletter.