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Wellness Challenges

It’s what we’re known for… we’ve created dozens of wellness campaigns and provided health promotion services to thousands of organizations (and millions of participants) since 1992. We’re the clear leader in this segment of the wellness market.


Racing-Themed Employee Wellness Campaign

COMING SOON! Fast Track to Fitness

Move toward an active, healthy lifestyle while speeding around North America’s famous racetracks — taking in unique details, special events, and race history. Whether participants are seasoned veterans on the exercise circuit or just getting behind the wheel, Fast Track to Fitness is a rewarding challenge for anyone.


Soccer-Themed Employee Wellness Campaign

NEW! Wellness Cup

Whether you call it football, fubball, futebol, or soccer, your participants will get a kick out of this World Cup-inspired, team-based, flexible wellness program. You pick which activities to track, then Wellness Cup 2014 transports them to host cities and spectacular attractions across Brazil on their way to winning, lifelong health habits.


Basketball-Themed Activity and Nutrition Employee Wellness Campaign

Slam Dunk Wellness

Your employee wellness program will score big with this team-based fitness and healthy eating campaign. Slam Dunk Wellness captures the excitement of tournament basketball and makes good health fun — with simple, easy-to-remember habits participants build into their day.


Employee Wellness Campaign Get Fit on Route 66

Get Fit on Route 66

From the shores of Lake Michigan to the Pacific Ocean, participants will embark on a journey to better health as they Get Fit on Route 66, turning health and fitness program minutes into miles along America’s legendary highway. The more active they are, the sooner they’ll cruise into Palisades Park — and daily fitness will be a part of their lifestyle.


Employee Wellness Program Health Trails


Whether it’s fitness, nutrition, stress management, weight control, or anything else, HealthTrails allows you to customize a corporate wellness program that gets your participants on the path to better health. As they practice healthy habits, participants are rewarded with spectacular images and vivid descriptions of the people, places, and history along fascinating international trails.




10K-A-Day is an inspiring 10,000 steps-a-day journey designed to motivate wellness program participants to walk more as they travel along virtual routes. On their journey, they’ll make stops at spectacular sites — from snow-capped mountains and dense forests to ancient castles and coastline beaches.



Great American Fitness Adventure

From east to west and all stops in between, the US is full of locations ideal for inspiring outdoor exercise. From Sugarloaf in Maine to Haleakala National Park in Hawaii, Great American Fitness Adventure motivates worksite wellness participants to step up physical activity as they visit 100 national treasures in 100 days — building fitness habits that last a lifetime.



NutriSum: Healthy Weight for Life

NutriSum has a simple, creative approach to changing eating patterns, combined with an inspiring exercise component, for permanent weight control. No excessive recordkeeping or special foods. Just everyday habits — based on numerous studies of individuals who have lost weight and kept it off — that add up to a healthy weight for life.


Ola Ala Employee Wellness Campaign

Ola Ala

From the southern tip of the Big Island’s Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, to the lush rainforest of Haleakala on Maui, to the towering cliffs along Molokai’s rugged north coast, to world-famous Waikiki Beach, Oahu, your wellness program participants will be pulled along by thrill of discovery at each stop along the way.



5 on 5

Your employee wellness program will score big with this team-based healthy eating campaign. 5 on 5 takes advantage of tournament basketball excitement, inspiring participants to step to the line and dramatically improve eating habits.



Colorful Choices

Colorful Choices may be the simplest nutrition program ever — no calorie counting, fat gram tabulating, weighing or measuring. Just easy-to-remember colorful selections — more than 120 fabulous fruits and vivid vegetables to pick from. By choosing produce first, in a daily rainbow, healthy nutrition can be enjoyable, filling, and fun.



Feel Like a Million

With a fun, interactive game show theme, participants will Feel Like a Million as they experience daily rituals that help them feel their best in this wellness campaign. As they record simple activities in each energy-boosting, stress-reducing area, they earn virtual dollars toward the $1 million goal.


Le Tour de Fitness

Le Tour de Fitness

Inspire your participants to break away from old habits and take the lead toward a more active lifestyle with this team-based program. Le Tour de Fitness will motivate them to log daily exercise minutes as they venture across France and nearby countries — following the actual Tour route — and earning points for a chance to win virtual jerseys each week.




Boarding Soon! Passport is your participants’ ticket to the trip of a lifetime. You choose the health areas/activities and countries to visit — then this flexible wellness program takes them on an engaging journey to building long-lasting health habits.



Spring Into Motion

Reinvigorated! Ahhh… spring is in the air. Now’s the perfect time to shake off the winter doldrums — to get outside and move. With this fun, simple employee wellness program, participants will be inspired to meet challenging fitness goals and try new activities as they visit international spring events. Rejuvenate your population to Spring Into Motion and build lasting exercise habits.




October is ideal for walking; the temperatures are cool and the colors are spectacular. Making the most of this great season, Walktober motivates everyone to make walking a priority — in October and beyond. Join the hundreds of organizations and thousands of walkers in this annual National Walking Month wellness campaign.