What is 5 on 5™?

5 on 5 is a team-based campaign that takes advantage of tournament basketball excitement, inspiring participants to step to the line and dramatically improve eating habits. There’s no calorie counting, no weighing or measuring; just simple, easy-to-remember habits to build into their day. With fun scoring, friendly competition, and team camaraderie, you can engage women and men in what may be your most popular — and effective — nutrition program ever.

How does it work?

Each day (Monday through Friday) teams square off against a different opponent. For every healthy nutrition choice — 7 daily (plus a Free Throw) and 3 weekly — participants score points toward their team score. For choices that are more challenging and have the greatest health impact (like 3 servings of vegetables a day), they’ll get 3 points; those that are still important but a little easier earn 1 or 2 points.

Who can participate?

Everyone. 5 on 5 shows individuals how they can improve overall health through friendly team competition. By focusing on ways to eat better through simple daily habits wrapped in an exciting basketball tournament format, they’ll be surprised how easy it is to adopt healthy eating patterns.

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