The Story of All In

by Dean Witherspoon

Program managers have long asserted that wellness begins in the home, and for good reason; it’s where 80% of all health decisions are made. Everything from foods in the pantry, to physical activity levels, to when to see a doctor for an illness are daily choices families make away from work. And each covered dependent costs employers an added $2000 a year in healthcare expense.

But while the implications and costs are clear, many have shied away from offering family health programs — also for good reasons:

  • Families are at different life stages, and it’s challenging to implement a program that would appeal to all
  • Most employees want to leave work at work and may perceive your family wellness program as upsetting their work/life balance
  • Family members are harder to reach with promotions and program delivery than onsite employees
  • Wellness program budgets are limited — there’s often little left over to venture outside of traditional workplace programs.

So when several clients approached us about creating a family wellness program, we knew the obstacles we’d face. But we see challenges as opportunities — and set out to tackle each, head on.

The result is All In, an online wellness campaign that allows families (broadly defined) at any life stage to participate. And we created the program to feel like family, not work. A fun mountain-climbing theme inspires all members to contribute to the goal, see progress along the way to the summit, and reinforce the bonds that contribute to emotionally and physically healthy families.

Understanding the Challenges

We chose Beth Shepard as our lead program developer for All In. A long-time contributor to HES, she has impeccable credentials as a health promotion specialist, wellness coach, exercise physiologist, and public school teacher — with a truckload of certifications and professional memberships.

But Beth’s most important credential is being a mom to 2 on-the-go kids (teen and pre-teen) and wife to Jim (software engineer with a sweet tooth who’s into organic gardening, bringing home random farm animals, and… cake). She knows the challenges first hand: coaching kids to eat right and stay active when everyone else (friends, friends’ parents, teachers, etc.) wants to give them fatty, sugary “treats” and keep them glued to a screen; managing a busy after-school schedule of sports, scouts, and music; fighting a losing battle to keep mud out of the house; and finding time (not to mention energy) for the occasional fun night out with her husband.

Beth realizes that family well-being requires intentional, ongoing efforts by all family members; it doesn’t happen by accident. She’s delighted to use her professional and personal experience in helping other families make wellness happen.

We’re as proud of All In as any program we’ve ever created. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to introduce or reinforce the idea that wellness begins at home and that every family member can contribute to each other’s success. So if you haven’t yet, take , then sign up for a no-obligation demo today.