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Compelling research points to green exercise — defined as exercising in the presence of nature — as a promising and practical way to cultivate a more physically active workforce. Here are 6 ways to encourage green exercise at work and home:

  • Link to websites that offer easy ways to find local outdoor areas, such as the National Park Service ( or (
  • Organize lunch-time and break-time outdoor walking groups as well as outdoor walking meetings.
  • Hold group exercise classes — like yoga, tai chi, or strength circuit — outdoors.
  • Sponsor local fitness events such as 5K/10K fun runs, charity walks, and sprint triathlons.
  • Offer discounted group downhill ski tickets, cross-country ski trips, or other winter recreation opportunities in addition to outdoor events for other seasons.
  • Use MapWalk ( — a free, easy tool — to plan several convenient walking, running, and bicycling courses close to the workplace, and link it to your intranet site.

Green exercise combines the mental and physical benefits of being active with the psychological and physical rewards of exposure to natural environments — a synergy that adds up to healthier, happier employees who are more likely to stay fit.

To learn more about the personal benefits of green exercise, download the white paper at and call us for a free Powerpoint presentation you can share with management to support outdoor exercise programming initiatives.

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