by Dean Witherspoon   Dean's profile on LinkedIn  

Some wellness managers spend a lot of time and energy trying to determine why nonparticipants don’t get involved, then creating strategies to attract them. While it’s a worthwhile exercise, there are easier first steps to increasing participation. They all involve doing what you do well even better. Some suggestions:

  • Outline the top 3 reasons participants come to your programs. If you’re like many health promoters, you don’t know. Find out by asking, then work to enhance your skills in those areas as well as highlighting them in promotions.
  • Know your most consistent users. Review records to get a demographic profile of regular participants. Interview the top 20 to determine why your services appeal to them.
  • Ask “what did you like most?” On each program evaluation, ask participants what was most appealing, then try to replicate it in other services.

Reasons for not participating can be many and varied, but the decision to get involved can usually be narrowed to 2 or 3 specific needs being met. Find out what they are, then exploit them to increase participation today.

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