by Dean Witherspoon   Dean's profile on LinkedIn  

Wellness professionals sometimes languish in their careers because there’s no path leading up and out. To stay in wellness, but get ahead in your career, consider these steps:

  • Volunteer to head teams and take on new projects. People get promoted for a variety of reasons, including timing and visibility. If you get pigeon-holed as just the wellness person you may not be considered for added responsibilities.
  • Determine what roles must be filled in the next 1-3 years. Examine your organization’s human resource needs by interviewing managers, then set out to acquire any skills you’re missing. Don’t hesitate to propose an expanded role if you’re confident you can do the job.
  • Respond decisively to performance feedback. If your supervisor suggests areas for improvement or growth, commit to taking the steps necessary to get there now. Nothing conveys promote-ability more than an employee who reacts positively to coaching.
  • Showcase your accomplishments tastefully. Regular management reports highlighting achievements along with an annual report are sound strategies for keeping people informed as well as aware of your skills.
  • Adopt a continuous learning attitude. Whether it’s advancing technology or leading-edge management approaches, you’re more likely to be considered for a promotion if you demonstrate a willingness to learn new skills.

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