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One of the most effective tools for well-being pros is the testimonial. No matter the subject or the setting, if you can share success of others, you’ll have an easier time convincing prospects to get involved. Here are some winning testimonial techniques:

  • Give full identification. Once you get permission, include first and last name, work location, and any other pertinent details. This accomplishes 2 things: It legitimizes the quote and it creates a connection — even if the prospect doesn’t know the person, they may know the place, or someone who used to work there. The closer the connection the better, but any connection is valuable.
  • Err on the side of too many. The more testimonials you have the better the chance your prospect will connect with at least one.
  • Work to overcome objections. The best set of testimonials can help you conquer all the potential barriers — time, convenience, vulnerability, trust, self-confidence, effectiveness, etc. Having it come from the mouth of a participant makes these assurances a lot more credible.
  • Use specific quotes. Rather than “The instructor was great,” try for something like “Jane, our registered dietitian, helped make the food choices simple — I didn’t know healthy eating could be so easy.”
  • Highlight repeat participants. “This is the third incentive program I’ve participated in because they’re so much fun. And they keep me motivated, especially when holidays or vacations get me off track.”

If you’re good, you get regular praise. Even though it feels like bragging, be sure to capture these compliments and build a file for future promotions.

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