by Dean Witherspoon   Dean's profile on LinkedIn  

We’re hearing more wellness programs resurrecting classroom-based education. We think the revival is, in part, a reaction to being over-webinared. Here are a few ways to enhance the face-to-face experience:

  • Reward participants who apply the skills and information taught in the classroom; offer services, discounts, or premiums to all who complete a log form documenting their use of the skill or data
  • Pair participants with a mentor or buddy who can support their behavior change efforts after the classroom instruction
  • Reinforce learning by asking participants to lead a session, teach a skill, or share their experiences with the class during the course
  • Customize the program by meeting with individuals early to review their unique needs and offer resources beyond the course curriculum
  • Diversify learning experiences — with visual, audio, experiential, role-playing, and other methods — to cover different types of learners in your programs
  • Match classroom material to participant needs by gathering data about interests before you design and promote programs.

The personal interaction and camaraderie in a well designed and executed classroom program are hard to duplicate with webinars. Be sure you’re exploiting the potential of this long-standing wellness tool.

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