by Dean Witherspoon   Dean's profile on LinkedIn  

Some wellness practitioners are convinced they need an elaborate analysis including a validated health risk assessment to get a good handle on programming direction. While these tools are helpful, they’re not the only — and certainly not the least expensive — way to find out how you can best help people with behavior change goals.

A simple, effective way to get immediate feedback is with How can we help you? cards. Restaurants and hotels have been using them for years with great success. They’re simple 2-5 question surveys with a space for comments. The sole purpose is to get participants to tell you how you can serve them better and improve their chance for success. Distribute them individually, put in mail slots, or place in:

  • Cafeterias, vending machines, break rooms

  • Fitness centers, counseling sessions

  • Health education class follow-ups

  • Nursing stations.

Of course the same approach can be implemented online, but there’s something much more personal about handing out cards and writing responses by hand that drives the point home.

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