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In the movie Rudy, the true story of a small-talent walk-on with the University of Notre Dame football team, there’s a scene where Rudy is alone in the locker room. He’s standing on a stool and pounding out a legendary Knute Rockne pregame speech. There was a fire in his gut that couldn’t be contained and eventually propelled him to his dream of making the team and playing in a real game.

Well-being managers going through the motions may get lucky and help motivate participants to change behavior, but it’s not likely. You need that fire inside… the passion for helping one person at a time enhance the quality of their life. 

The flame may alternately dim and blaze throughout your career, but if it’s gone out, try to get it back. Some ideas:

  • Listen to motivational podcasts on your drive to work
  • Read fewer business journals and more inspirational books
  • Plan and take long weekends and vacations before you burn out
  • Spend time with highly motivated people in other fields
  • Hire fresh, bright, can-do interns or co-op students and surround yourself with their optimism
  • Attend inspirational webinars and conferences
  • Take time… to celebrate, really celebrate each victory.


# Peggy Sczepanski 2017-07-22 01:42
I love Rudy!! Great article...and wonderful reminder to not always focus on "seeing the forest through the trees"...someti mes, slowing down and appreciating "the trees" within the forest is the key!!
All my best!
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