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Collaboration Contributes to Wellness Program Success

Wellness programs don’t exist in a vacuum. In fact, if you’re going to have a real shot at success, effective collaboration across multiple functions — HR, food service, management, training, safety, etc. — is a must. Here are steps to foster ongoing collaboration starting today:

  • Solicit input from all quarters. Making everyone feel like their voice is heard engenders trust, and trust is needed to accomplish the next wellness goal. Go out of your way to seek input — not just from department heads but line workers as well.
  • Aim for consensus always. 100% agreement isn’t a must, but soliciting input then going against the majority — or worse, ignoring it — will kill collaboration instantly. Those in the minority need to come away with the feeling they’ve been heard, even it didn’t go their way this time. Otherwise they’ll be less likely to contribute next time.
  • Share and share alike. Organization silos are almost always counter-productive. Sharing information across functions may not feel necessary at any given point in time or topic. But over the long haul, having all groups understand your wellness program’s challenges, goals, and opportunities increases the likelihood of buy-in and maybe even breakthroughs. Err on the side of communicating too much.

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