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Inspire Action with Wellness Testimonials

It is SO much easier when I plan our weekly dinners and shop based off the menu! No room for “I don't have anything to cook; let’s get fast food.”

Well-being pros enjoy sharing practical tips for healthy living; yet sometimes the most compelling messages come from participants.

We can talk ourselves hoarse about good nutrition, smart eating habits, and fitness, but our words may be met with skepticism simply because people think wellness leaders don’t face the same struggles as they do. Eat more vegetables? Exercise 3-5 times a week? Easy for you to say. When participants hear the same messages from a peer, they carry more weight. Like testimonials, these shout-outs provide social proof. Hmm… it’s working for Christina; I think I’ll try it.

Though health and wellness misinformation can spread around the office like a virus, the right stuff can make the rounds quickly, too — when just 1 or 2 coworkers pipe up with a stamp of approval on a tip they’ve gleaned from your program or other credible sources.

Encourage participants to try a variety of strategies and post about their successes to inspire others. And let them see that you sometimes struggle with everyday well-being challenges too.

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