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Collaboration Contributes to Wellness Program Success

Wellness programs don’t exist in a vacuum. In fact, if you’re going to have a real shot at success, effective collaboration across multiple functions — HR, food service, management, training, safety, etc. — is a must. Here are steps to foster ongoing collaboration starting today:

  • Solicit input from all quarters. Making everyone feel like their voice is heard engenders trust, and trust is needed to accomplish the next wellness goal. Go out of your way to seek input — not just from department heads but line workers as well.
by Dean Witherspoon   Dean's profile on LinkedIn  

No Matter How Good Your Services and Promotions, You Need Referrals

It’s a good bet employees know the actions that constitute a healthy lifestyle. Yet, if they’re like most groups, 10%-20% smoke, 60% are overweight, 45% or more are inactive, and 20% or more have high blood pressure.

So why aren’t more of them taking advantage of your services? They’re afraid of failing, don’t have time, feel the programs aren’t convenient, don’t trust you or the organization, or any number of other valid reasons. And even if you address (and you should) all of these concerns, there’s often another that gets in the way. You’ll reach a point where using your services can’t get any more efficient, easy, or confidential. You need referrals.

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Employee Engagement at the Heart of State Street’s Success

With over 32,000 employees serving institutional investors in 30 countries, State Street recognizes the importance of cultivating employees’ full potential and supporting the communities where they live and work. Robin Benoit (Managing Director, Global Benefits and Wellness) affirms senior leaders knew promoting employee well-being made sound business sense, beyond being the right thing to do. “Studies show the higher the employee engagement, the better profitability for the company and the more likely we can recruit and retain the best talent in the industry.”