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Whether it’s finding a fitness buddy and a convenient, safe place to walk or planning weekly menus and stocking up on vegetables, successful lifestyle change usually calls for preparation. The following are examples of how workplace well-being participants can get their behavior-change ducks in a row:

  • Choose the right targets. People often get stuck in a self-defeating cycle of tackling the same goals over and over in a series of unsuccessful attempts. With each failure, confidence takes a hit and makes success less likely. If focusing on fitness always leads to disappointment, suggest choosing another big target they’re more ready to change — like eating 5 servings a day of produce, or getting 8 hours of sleep each night. Success in one area of well-being often leads to simultaneous success in another; researchers call it coaction.1
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If you follow national politics, it’s easy to get frustrated with the endless rhetoric and posturing. But in spite of the gamesmanship, the US system of government endures as one of the most successful and admired in the history of the world. 

It works that way because, when the Constitution was drafted, the critical question wasn’t “Who should be president?” or “Who’s the smartest to lead us?” Instead they concentrated on issues like:

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Leaving a good job at a Fortune 100 company in your early 30s (with 4 little kids at home) is a little… ahem, stressful. But looking back some 22 years, there are purposeful steps as well as seemingly random events that combine to produce a productive, satisfying career. And while your life ambitions are your own, here are some things I’ve learned that could help you while keeping stress in check as you build success.

  • Do what you love. This oft-repeated phrase sounds trite, but it really is the most important thing. You’re going to spend nearly half your waking life earning a living; shouldn’t it be something that really gets your juices going? If you don’t love it, start working on a way to get out today. It might be as simple as changing jobs inside the organization or the industry, or it might mean completely reversing course. But waiting for something wonderful to happen in the absence of action guarantees you’ll remain unfulfilled at work.