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Power the People: Ways to Train and Recognize Wellness Champions

Having passion for wellness is a powerful thing, but it’s not the only thing.

In the article, A Roadmap to Building Effective Wellness Champion Networks by Naketa Perryman and Jordan Lamar, we learned that being passionate about health is a critical requirement for wellness champions. To build a culture of health using a champion network, employers need the support of employee leaders with an abundance of positive energy, strong social skills, and enthusiasm for improving health.

So after you’ve recruited or assembled the best possible employees for your wellness champion network, what next?

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How to Counter the Workplace Cake Culture

Healthier food options have gained a foothold in workplaces over the last decade, bolstered by research showing that healthy behaviors are rooted in healthy environments. 

We are no exception at Paychex — a leader in the payroll, HR, and benefit outsourcing industry where my team and I drive a well-being strategy to support 14,000 employees nationwide. Nearly 10 years ago, we implemented some of the behavioral economics strategies now commonplace to wellness advocates, steeply subsidizing healthier food options in our cafés and presenting menu items — on our catering menus and in our vending machines as well as our cafés — so that the healthiest choice is the easiest choice.  

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Putting the Joy Back in Healthy Living

“When I started this challenge, my two granddaughters were upset — they'd never see me. No more sitting on the couch watching funny cat videos and streaming cartoons. But then I started showing them photos of where I’d hiked — the beautiful flowers, the amazing streams and ravines, the winding paths through tall trees — and the dozens of people and dogs I’d met on the way. And in just a few days, the big screen on the wall and the little screens in their hands didn’t seem so interesting.