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Schindler’s Leadership Odyssey Advances Wellness Through Company Managers

How do you introduce well-being concepts into a traditionally conservative, predominantly left-brained, scientific engineering company? That was the challenge facing Michael Yurchuk, Vice President of HR Field Operations, and his team for Schindler Elevator Corporation. “We’re a Swiss-based company. When we thought about our existing leaders, we knew our strengths lay in developing very good, structured processes. However, the emotional intelligence component of sustainable leadership — sometimes considered the “softer skills” — which focus upon human capital and creating engagement, hadn’t really been explored.”

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Living Well at UT: Workplace Well-Being, Texas Style

It’s been said that everything’s bigger in Texas, and by all accounts, Living Well: Make it a Priority lives up to the reputation — in program scope, quality, and effectiveness. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the University of Texas System’s workplace well-being program, serving over 190,000 member employees, retirees, and dependents across the state. There’s a lot going on… and a lot to celebrate, as Rolando Román, Office of Employee Benefits, Manager of Wellness Programs, explains.

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Lifestyle Medicine at Work

Imagine you’ve been diagnosed with prediabetes and visit your onsite primary care clinic for a checkup. A medical assistant documents your vital signs — including physical activity level. During the exam, your provider asks how you feel about your exercise and nutrition habits, and where you see room for the most improvement.

Along with prescription refills, you leave the clinic with a brochure for the community center’s diabetes prevention program, a coupon for the local produce delivery service, plus a commitment to take action and report on your progress in 2 weeks. You’ve also registered for the workplace walking challenge starting in a month.