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Recruiting Top Well-Being Practitioners

Hire the right people and your job automatically gets better; employ the wrong people and it gets worse. This fundamental truth seems so obvious that you’d expect anyone with hiring and leading responsibilities would do everything they could to get it right. Surprisingly, it’s often not the case.

At HES it took us many years to develop a system to find the best performers. The good news: We feel like we have it figured out. The bad: It’s a lot of work. But if you believe, as we do, that nothing is more important to your success than hiring the right talent, you have no choice.

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Prospecting Webinars Boost Wellness Participation in the New Year

January is a perfect time to offer webinars that highlight your services and programs throughout the year. These prospecting sessions are overviews of what’s available — with enough details to hook potential participants, but not so much they don’t feel a need to come back for more. Some guidelines:

  • Make the topic timely. Use headlines and benefit lists that showcase what’s new and why it’s important now.
  • Keep sessions short and lively. You’re not throwing a party, but you don’t want to put them to sleep either.
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Draper’s Deep Community Roots Create Unique Well-Being Opportunities

Since 1902, Draper, Inc. has been the largest employer (manufacturing audiovisual products, window shades, solar control items, gym equipment, and more) in the small rural town of Spiceland, Indiana. These strong roots create a bond linking the company’s employees, their families, and the surrounding community. Linda Brinson (Safety and Wellness Director) confirms: “We employ about 630, most of whom are local residents. With approximately 800 people in the entire town, Draper is the community.”