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Online Campaign Features

Colorful Choices helps make long-lasting healthy eating habits simple, effective, and fun with these features and advantages:

  • Interactive blender mixes produce choices to log servings
  • Over 120 colorful choices and descriptions of vivid vegetables and fabulous fruits
  • Friendly team competition
  • Daily tips and informative articles
  • Produce Pals option for encouragement and camaraderie
  • Interactive Choice Words to comment on the program or view nutrition expert posts
  • Easy-to-make healthy recipes, accessible by color
  • Links to top nutrition websites
  • Program length of 6, 8, or 12 weeks
  • Organization branding — your unique URL and logo on every screen
  • Program flexibility — adjust success criteria to fit culture
  • Registration, communication, and evaluation handled right from your desktop
  • Up-to-the-minute participation reports.

Mobile Compatible

Use the Colorful Choices mobile app as a companion to your online campaign. Log activity (simultaneously syncs with online account), view recipes, and track progress on the go! Participants can log in using the same email and password as their Colorful Choices online account.

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