What is Great American Fitness Adventure™?

Great American Fitness Adventure will take your participants on an inspiring journey to better health as they visit 100 national parks, forests, monuments, and other natural wonders in 100 days. From the rugged White Mountains of New Hampshire to the lush rainforest of Hawaii’s Haleakala National Park, they will discover America’s most treasured outdoor sites — while building a fitness habit to last a lifetime.

How does it work?

Participants choose any activities they like… whether they go for a walk around town or head to a park for vigorous hiking, cycle around the block or try mountain biking, use the gym or learn rock climbing. For each day they log 30 minutes of exercise, they earn a virtual park entrance pass and move along the Great American Fitness Adventure trail, learning about each national treasure.

Who can participate?

Everyone — from beginner to avid exerciser. A brisk half-hour walk counts, as does a ride up a steep mountain bike trail. Participants will find more than 40 physical activities to learn about — from archery to yoga — as well as seasonal suggestions and resources for outdoor adventures in every state.

What is the Team GAFA?

Team GAFA is an optional friendly competition that emphasizes consistent exercise — the group with the highest average exercise minutes and number of park entrance passes wins. Being part of a team gives individuals added motivation because they’re contributing to their own success as well as their team’s.

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