What is Health for the Holidays™?

This whimsical wellness campaign can help everyone skate through the season a little healthier and happier. As participants log daily behaviors in Health for the Holidays, they’ll build an engaging animated holiday scene — and sustainable habits to end the year with increased energy, enhanced resilience, and stronger feelings of joy and hope. Though the program is fun — a participant priority — it’s based on the serious science of health behavior change.

How does it work?

For each daily health behavior (Be Active, Eat Healthy, and Gift Box) participants record, they’ll create an animated holiday scene — the more activities, the richer the scene (up to 15 elements/week). As the scene builds, their overall progress is marked with accumulating snow (up to 3 inches/day) in the background. Each week brings a new scene — with new surprises, animations, and activities that inspire them to expand on the previous week’s success.

Who can participate?

Anyone who’s interested in having fun or sharing a laugh — while learning and practicing health behaviors to help them thrive during the holidays and beyond — will love Health for the Holidays.

Is there a team competition?

Absolutely… the more the merrier (well, at least 4-5). This optional friendly competition challenges teams to pile up snow (the group that averages the most inches tops the Leaderboard). And it gets participants fired up to contribute to their team’s success, while offering support and camaraderie.

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