The Story of HealthTrails

by Dean Witherspoon

It’s no secret that we like to use the idea of virtual travel — visiting inspiring destinations as a way to track progress for physical activities. But many of our clients wanted a way that was just as motivating as our fitness campaigns to track any health habit. At first glance, the idea of moving along a trail when recording, say, fruit and vegetable servings, seemed a little out of step (pun intended).

But the more we worked with and tested the idea, the more we became convinced that it not only was understandable, but indeed extremely motivating. The reason HealthTrails works is the option to assign any value to a given health behavior. Want to emphasize produce consumption this quarter? This campaign can do that. How about sleep? Yep, HealthTrails can do that too. Stair climbing? You bet. How about a combination of produce consumption, steps, and glasses of water? Yes, yes, yes.

In fact, if we can attach a number to it or indicate did it/didn’t do it, then we can track it in HealthTrails. We’ve developed values for more than a dozen wellness activities — giving you the flexibility to emphasize any health priorities. And we’ve trails from all over the world so participants are continuously challenged to explore new landscapes and attractions on all 7 continents.

Our first year with HealthTrails exceeded expectations. It quickly became — and remains — our most popular campaign. Wellness program managers love the flexibility of being able to focus on whatever well-being habits they choose, then weight the activities so participants get more credit for things they’re trying to reinforce in a certain month, quarter, or year. They also love the social and gaming elements we’ve built in to reinforce the fun theme.

We Don't Need No Stinkin’ Badges

Participants love it too. Our first few thousand commented on all the places they’d never heard of but hoped to visit some day… how they liked being surprised and rewarded each day they recorded activity by seeing new images and learning about the places and people along the trails. They also note how this campaign makes tracking health activities so much more interesting than seeing a chart on a table or collecting icons for doing this or that.

So if you’re looking for your wellness program to go somewhere, and you want the ability to steer it in whatever direction you choose, whenever you choose, get on the path to success with HealthTrails. Take a few minutes to watch the or sign up for a no-obligation demo today.