What is Keep America Active™?

What if your participants could go coast to coast without boarding a plane, hopping on a bus, or gassing up the car? Well, now they can (sort of) in Keep America Active. On this virtual road trip, they’ll:

  • Travel from state to state, stopping at the country’s most amazing tourist hot spots as they record health behaviors
  • Discover why each place tops everyone’s must-see list — with postcard-perfect images and bet-you-didn’t-know descriptions
  • Build well-being habits that last long after their country-wide tour is over.

How does it work?

Each day they’ll visit a new attraction, earning points and stars as they record exercise minutes or steps, plus 2 other health behaviors you pick. And they’ll take a fun quiz, learn why each attraction should be on their bucket list, and collect badges as well as souvenirs.

Who can participate?

Anyone who’d like to have a blast traveling from the East Coast to Alaska and over the Pacific to Hawaii — while learning about each spot and practicing healthy habits.

Is there a team competition?

Absolutely… what would a road trip be without 3 or 4 pals along for the ride? This optional friendly competition challenges teams to add up points (the group that averages the most tops the leaderboard). And weekly challenges can add bonus points to the team score.