What is NutriSum™?

NutriSum is a simple, creative approach to maintaining a healthy weight for life — based on numerous studies of individuals who have lost weight and kept it off. No special foods, meal plans, or restrictions. Just easy-to-remember, everyday habits that produce consistent, long-term results. By changing eating patterns, combined with an inspiring exercise component, this powerful wellness program helps participants lose fat weight, look better, feel better, and improve overall health, energy level, and outlook.

How does it work?

NutriSum helps participants lose weight and keep it off by permanently changing eating and activity patterns. They record weight and exercise minutes, plus NutriSum points for daily habits (eating breakfast; whole grain, produce, and water servings; not eating after dinner). Most of a participant’s total score is the result of what they do to achieve a healthy weight, not how much they lose.

Who can participate?

While the habits learned in NutriSum are appropriate for anyone aiming for a healthy lifestyle, not everyone is ready to make the commitment necessary for success. This wellness campaign is incredibly simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy; changing eating and activity patterns ingrained over years is hard. But it can be done. If your participants are at least 7-70 pounds or more overweight and are willing to permanently change the habits that led to being overweight, then NutriSum is for them.

What is NutriTeam?

NutriTeam is an optional friendly competition that emphasizes consistent behaviors — regular exercise and healthy eating patterns — over weight loss. Team scores consist of the team average for daily exercise minutes + weekly NutriSum points + total pounds lost. Being part of a team gives individuals friendly rivalry, esprit de corps, and the added motivation that comes from knowing they’re contributing to success for themselves as well as all teammates.

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