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Propel wellness campaign participation, engagement, results.

Plan. Promote. Implement.

Launchpad is a streamlined online tool to drive participation, engagement, and outcomes to new levels. Simpler, cleaner, and easier to use than many of the mega-platform models, Launchpad is built on the idea that less is more – less complexity, less distraction, less stuff that doesn’t get used.

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Customize your online participant promotion and registration experience for HES wellness campaigns (more than a dozen to choose from).

Promote future programs, send group emails, and post custom content, images, and links.


Allow multiple locations/divisions to run HES campaigns independently.

Implement Fitbit® Webcart to take the hassle out of fulfillment while giving participants a choice of color and style.

Access reports for multiple campaigns in 1 convenient spot.

Your HES account manager will create a unique participant experience – with your wellness program’s color scheme, branding, and content on desktop and mobile devices. Then it becomes your central participant hub for all our campaigns. After registering once, future participation is a 1-step opt-in. Easy.

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Straightforward Pricing

(What you see is what you get.)


Once Launchpad is created to your specifications, it’s yours to use up to 12 months for a single or multiple campaigns. Then for each new campaign, you pay only that program’s fees — there’s no additional charge for Launchpad.

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Planning to implement 2 campaigns within 12 months? Call 800.326.2317 and ask about our bundled campaign pricing along with a free Launchpad setup. 1 site. 1 invoice. $1000 savings.