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Reseller FAQs

What HES products are available for resale?

All products as seen on our website product page ( are available for resale. With at least a dozen online campaigns, best-in-class customer service, and continuous product innovation, we’re the clear leader in wellness campaigns.

What are the benefits to being a reseller of HES products?
Resellers have the advantage of offering clients the most engaging, effective wellness campaigns in the industry. In addition to our time-saving, participant-generating programs, you have access to account management staff dedicated to helping you knock the socks off your clients, extensive marketing and sales tools, and training and support to meet your unique client needs. And we offer resellers a substantial discount on all campaigns.

Am I limited to a territory or market segment?
No. All resellers may market and sell HES products worldwide.

What kind of support does HES offer resellers?
We offer a full line of promotional tools to enhance your sales programs. And our dedicated staff will support your efforts in customer service, design, marketing, management, and web development. We have a step-by-step process that takes the guesswork out of becoming effective partners and delivering outstanding service as well as results for your clients.

Are there any up-front costs or minimum annual sales associated with being a reseller?
The reseller is invoiced $5000 at the time this agreement is signed. This entitles the reseller access to all sales and support materials related to the campaign(s) being licensed. The $5000 payment is then credited to the reseller’s account for application against sales in the first 12 months from the date of signing. To maintain active status, resellers must have a minimum of $10,000 in sales on the first anniversary date of signing.

Do we work directly with HES or can our clients work directly with you?
You determine how the working relationships align. Some resellers prefer to handle all communications with clients; others prefer that we work directly with their clients, or something in between.

Can we pass along the discount to our clients?
We recommend you charge the retail price, but we do not require you to set a price at, above, or below retail. Remember, our retail pricing is accessible to all through our website. Some resellers have experienced great success bundling our campaign fees with a wide range of services, while others use an a la carte approach.

Do you have a recorded demo for each online campaign?
Yes. Visit our website to preview any of our campaigns.

Are there costs for the guided demos?
No. We provide unlimited 30- to 45-minute demos to your sales and operations staff, as well as your clients, on request. For new products we offer public group demos that anyone can join, or we can tailor a group demo specifically for your clients.

Can you clarify the difference between the group license and per user model for the online programs?
We offer the option to purchase a group license based on eligible population for a single, up-front cost that covers all setup, account management, and hosting fees. The group license is generally most cost-effective for organizations with 3000 or more eligible participants. For smaller organizations, the per user pricing model is typically more cost-effective. This includes a 1-time setup fee and per registrant fees. Your HES account manager can help you select the most cost-effective approach for each client.

Once a client decides to implement an online campaign, what is the lead time needed to launch?
We recommend at least 4 weeks to plan, promote, and implement a successful campaign. Each of our campaigns has an Implementation Guide with step-by-step instructions as well as all the planning and promotional tools needed for a highly successful campaign.

What do other resellers charge their clients?
We recommend resellers charge the retail price.

Can the programs be dual branded with our logo and our client’s logo?
Most online wellness campaigns have a single branding option. Discuss specific requirements with your HES account manager.

What are the sizes of your clients?
Our clients range from a few hundred employees to more than 180,000.

Can participants log in through our portal to access HES campaigns (SSO)?
Yes. We work directly with your IT group to create a seamless user experience.

Do I have to sign a contract to resell your products?
Each reseller completes a simple reseller agreement.

Do you have standard reports you send after the program is complete?
You have full access to real-time data on all of your clients through a secure reseller dashboard during the campaign. All reports are exportable to a .csv file. Your HES account manager can assist with running reports at any time.

How do I get started?

Contact Sue Genau (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 800.326.2317 ) or complete the Reseller Inquiry form.