What is Le Tour de Fitness™?

It’s a fun physical activity venture across France and nearby countries — following the same route as the actual Tour — with stops at rolling hills, towering architecture, quaint villages, and seaside cliffs along the way. Whether your participants are experienced exercisers or just starting out, Le Tour de Fitness is an inspiring journey to better health.

How does it work?

Participants join together in teams to compete against others in the peloton. It’s a friendly challenge that emphasizes consistency over athleticism. They’ll score points by exercising, encouraging and supporting others, and answering daily tip questions — earning colored jerseys for weekly milestones.

Who can participate?

Everyone. Whether or not they’re bicycling enthusiasts, Le Tour de Fitness is about adopting a sustainable habit of daily exercise. Participants can choose any activity they like… if it gets their heart pumping and increases their breathing rate, it counts in Le Tour de Fitness.

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