The 10K-A-Day challenge was an excellent motivation for me to work out and stay active. More than the competition, I enjoyed the engagement of the team, and I was impressed and inspired by my coworkers’ dedication to exercise.”

10K-A-Day wellness program logo

“I was really successful while participating with the Keep America Active program. I exercised daily before beginning the program but would never get the 7-9 hours of sleep your body requires to stay healthy. I made it a point to make sure I went to bed at an earlier time and created a peaceful, quiet, and restful sleeping area. I have 3 children, 2 under the age of 2, so sleep was pretty much non-existent for a while. Now that I was tracking my sleep habits, I actually realized how little sleep I was getting. The past few weeks I was able to get the 7-9 hours of sleep most nights and feel so much better than before. I was able to complete daily tasks without feeling tired and was able to do more exercise. On this program I also lost over 8 lbs and increased my fruits/veggies and water intake as well! Great program!”

Keep America Active Wellness Program Logo

I work with many vendors on behalf of Delta, and HES has been one of the best to work with.”

Sven Finucan
Delta Air Lines

“I liked the variety of weekly themes and trivia — from animals, to festivals, and even gardening! In addition, it was super easy to link my fitness tracker and log my progress on the go!”

Spring Into Motion Wellness Program Logo

“The cartoon was very funny; it kept me laughing. Lots of laughter is good for the soul. Life is too short. The challenges were great. Can’t wait to see what the next challenge will be.

“I liked the challenge of not snacking after dinner. I used to do it every day, but since doing Health for the Holidays, I haven’t snacked after dinner even once and I have lost 4 pounds!! It is a new healthy habit that I plan on continuing even though the challenge is over. I also loved the painting of the scenes. My daughters, aged 4 and 6, couldn’t wait each night for me to log my healthy habits so that they could watch the scenes being painted. My 6-year-old was very concerned that I wouldn’t get the inches and was always asking me how many servings of produce I had had that day. She was a big supporter.”

I have always been impressed with the service I receive from Health Enhancement Systems. Today, you have exceeded any expectation I may have had!”

Nancy Miller
Gooding Group

“I was not eating breakfast on a regular basis until I started the Slam Dunk Wellness team program. I began eating breakfast within 2 hours of waking, and have noticed a vast improvement in my energy levels throughout the day.”

Slam Dunk Wellness

“Got my wife and daughter on board to get 10k steps every day, and we helped and pushed each other many days when one of us was not motivated. I got some great father-daughter bonding time in on our walks as well; she is 22, so it was an added bonus to have time talking on our nightly walks, which we plan to continue!”

10K-A-Day wellness program logo

“As a breast cancer survivor, this challenge helped me move my body a lot more than I usually do. With the medication I still take to keep the cancer away, one of the side effects is that my bones, especially my leg bones, really hurt all the time. The Walktober challenge brought out the ‘I can do this’ in me to exercise every day and help my team stay on track. Since I have met the challenge, I now take on a new challenge: Walk or exercise every day, even if it’s not 10,000 steps a day. My body is more flexible, I have more energy, and I feel more balanced. Beating cancer was one battle won, but keeping it away with more exercise in my life will help me win the war. Thank you for supporting this challenge in our school district.”

Walktober Wellness Program logo

HES is truly a great partner!”

Jennifer Kilbane
Nationwide Better Health

Spring Into Motion inspired me to develop a routine of getting up an hour early and going for a fast-paced walk, walking my dog at the same time (she loved it). Along with the food tips I’ve experienced the difference of not monitoring my health versus living life with more energy. The challenge has motivated me to continue to focus on my health. The other perk is I lost 7 pounds!”

Spring Into Motion Wellness Program Logo

“This was a terrific way to get the kids involved. I printed off the paper log, put it in a sheet protector and let them mark what they ate each day. The whole family could compare what they had eaten, and if they realized they still needed points, they would go grab fruit. They would choose a different color than what they had already eaten that day.”

Throughout my Feel Like a Million challenge, I learned to live a stress-free life, balanced with healthy eating habits. I also learned how to think positively and be thankful to others by expressing gratitude. Throughout my journey, I also lost 8 lbs. by eating healthy and eating on time.”

Feel Like a Million Wellness Challenge Logo

“I lost 14 pounds and feel great! Logging daily activities helped me keep focus, be aware of the good habits, and not be tempted to do unhealthy things. This program was really good for me. The program motivated me to keep on track with weight challenges and logging activities which surprisingly work in a very positive way. I had fun as I engaged coworkers about the program and we went from an office environment of sharing candy and cookies to bringing each other fruit and motivating each other with healthier options. I also used this concept at home, as my family has been following along, where we were able to cut out all sugar drinks/soft drinks and switched over to mostly water as well as cutting out fried foods, replacing them with fruits and steamed vegetables. Overall I would give the program an A+.”

Right This Weigh Wellness Program Logo

“As I woke up this morning, I realized that, suddenly, getting out of bed is not such a chore anymore. Before I began the Ola Ala challenge, waking up in the morning became a long, drawn out routine of rushing and hurrying out the door. Since I began this journey, I feel better, I feel rested, I feel stronger, I feel ready to face the day without feeling tired and fatigued.”

Ola Ala Wellness Program Logo

Walktober has motivated me in ways that I never thought possible. Before the month I was walking around 3000 – 4000 steps; however, for the whole month of October with the exception of maybe 4 days I was walking way more than just 10,000 steps. Anything was an excuse for me to walk. I was looking forward to it. Would take the longer route, started walking my dogs and going to the gym to get more steps. I think being part of a team helped to bring out the competitive side as well.”

Walktober Wellness Program logo

“This experience was very informative. I was motivated and started truly working on my expenses and spending habits. I also started to take advantage of the Methodist workout programs and went from 255 pounds to 239 pounds. My credit score went from the 500 average to 600 average within the time of the program! Great experience and look forward to doing it again!”

“A little friendly Colorful Choices competition around the hospital turned into a daily plan to create fruit- and veggie-filled meals. This turned into the removal of all processed foods from my diet. By midway through the team competition, I had more energy, slept soundly, and was clear headed. Colorful Choices allowed me to reboot my taste buds, so now I crave healthy foods.”

“Several successes. After the first 3 days, one of my staff members mentioned to me that the competition was a win-win situation regardless of where we’d place in the standings. My staff did group walks and rode bikes together. We inspired each other to max out our number of steps each day. I had walking meetings where constituents would come in to meet with me and we’d walk around the block proving you can be both productive and healthy. Even though the competition is over, I am grateful that a significant amount of staff members will continue to be encouraged to walk a minimum of 10-12K steps a day.”

Health Enhancement Systems has been an excellent partner for over 5 years implementing several global fitness-based challenges with our company. Each year, they make improvements to their platform and challenges. In 2018, we implemented our first custom challenge. It was a great opportunity for our employees to move more while learning about 42 of our different Company locations across the world. Each day, our employees visited a new Company location, learned about the business completed at the location and answered a fun quiz question about the local town. In addition to the custom branding, the adventure to learn about the Company was so well received.”

Melissa Hohenberger

Health for the Holidays combined nutrition, exercise, stress relief, and competition into a program that was good for the body, mind, and soul. It’s always more motivating to be on a team and encourage others while you are being encouraged. It helped me start my 6-week challenge at my gym at an advantage at the beginning of the month.”

Now this is what you call great customer service, ya’ll are rocking it!

Jennifer D’Urso
County of Riverside

“I was so consumed by taking care of others that I neglected to take care of me. I was borderline obese, unhappy, and unhealthy. One day, I made the decision to start taking care of myself. With the HealthTrails team and individual competition, it pushed me to not just continue with my fitness which I already do, but to also focus on my nutritional intake as well as my sleeping pattern. I believe each one takes a vital role in living a healthy and happy life. Being a part of a team also helped me be inspired and inspire others and take accountability for my actions.”

Thank you so much for your wonderful partnership. Our whole team really enjoyed working with you and appreciated your quick responses back to our emails.”

Emmie Hiersche
Kaiser Permanente

“At age 61, these bones and joints don’t always do what I want them to do, but during Walktober, I was able to get this old body moving, and experienced a decrease in stiffness, and shorter recovery times when I go to the gym to work out. The challenge now is to keep the momentum going!”

Walktober Wellness Program logo

Colorful Choices was by far the best challenge yet! I could see when I first started that I was eating mostly yellow and green fruits and vegetables. Once I saw my overall blender was not looking equal, I started eating more of the other colors. My husband and I developed good healthy daily habits. For example, my husband would put colored peppers on his sandwich instead of cheese. I would bring more fruits and vegetables in my lunch instead of chips.”

“I completely enjoyed this competition, and I was able to lose 5-10 pounds in the process. I had energy almost every day and felt good about myself. I think my favorite part of all was the fact that our plant was a team in the process and treated this as a true competition. We motivated each other through the entire process!”

Feel Like a Million Wellness Challenge Logo

Right This Weigh helped me to stay focused on my goals. Before I ate cheeseburgers and fries or Mexican food for lunch — 5 days a week with limited exercise. Now I eat healthy lunches with daily exercise; as a result, I lost 32+ pounds.”

Right This Weigh Wellness Program Logo

Your staff is always responsive and dependable. It is truly a pleasure working with Health Enhancement Systems.”

Tricia Selby

“I wanted to be more active with my family and this program gave me the drive to be more connected with my wife and kids as we walked our neighborhood. We had great conversations on those walks. I lost some weight and gained some muscle, but best of all I had more meaningful interactions with the people I love.”

Ola Ala Wellness Program Logo

“The biggest change from being a part of this challenge was adding 10-15 minutes of meditation every day. Having to be accountable to my team was enough motivation to continue. I had no idea how easy and relaxing it was. Now I look forward to meditating every night. I even have my kids join me in sessions from time to time.”

Keep America Active Wellness Program Logo

This experience was very informative. I was motivated and started truly working on my expenses and spending habits. I also started to take advantage of the Methodist workout programs and went from 255 pounds to 239 pounds. My credit score went from the 500 average to 600 average within the time of the program! Great experience and look forward to doing it again!”

“Down 10 pounds and focused over the holidays… who can say that? ME! I have managed to stay away from many sweet treats. YES, I had a few but nothing like past years. I exercised every day and made healthy choices. Holiday eating in the past… not so good… but this year me and my family are all on board… eating smart, exercising daily and keeping one another motivated. Health for the Holidays played a HUGE part in keeping me on track! I thank you and I am going to keep up my health habits through the new year.”

…Now that is incredible customer service. Thank you!”

Mary Hebdon
Nationwide Better Health

Yo Ho Ho has made me actually work out every day without cheating and I appreciate this. As I have gotten older the motivation for me to work out has become close to non-existent. I’m thankful that because this app has motivated me to work out every day, I have lost 10 pounds thanks to eating healthy most of the time and working out.”

“I was not a person that would take my regular breaks and lunch. With this challenge it forced me to begin a routine to keep me on track. A couple of my coworkers took notice and began walking with me. This helped me even more to stay accountable and to stay on track. Daily I would keep track of my steps. I challenged myself into doing a little bit more each day, and I will continue doing so. I have learned new and healthy habits from this challenge and will continue this journey.”

Slam Dunk Wellness

The Keep America Active challenge definitely motivated me to hit high step counts… I tried to always be moving even if I was in front of the computer in my office. I lost about 6 pounds during the challenge and motivated some of my other colleagues who were not participating to get up on a 15-minute break to walk with me.”

Keep America Active Wellness Program Logo

“You guys have hit a grand slam (again!) with this program. Feel Like a Million is a brilliant way to motivate people to adopt good habits, and I especially appreciate the holistic values built into the program. Excellent!”

Feel Like a Million Wellness Challenge Logo

We saw Canvas as an opportunity to expand on our wellness objectives and create a challenge that would connect all institutions through friendly competition. Our custom campaign, Keep UT System Active, allowed participants to virtually travel along the state of Texas while visiting UT System landmarks and practicing healthy habits. It was a hit, we received rave reviews, and our engagement was phenomenal.”

Rolando Román
University of Texas System

“Prior to the 10K-A-Day challenge, I was relatively sedentary. I seldom exercised, was almost always fatigued, and had very little lung capacity for lengthy (20+ minutes) bouts of exercise. After a month, I’m already feeling better and have gone from working out moderately/strenuously only about once a week to at least 5 days a week. I intend to continue this program beyond the end of the company-sponsored plan.”

10K-A-Day wellness program logo

I went from no exercise at all, to walking almost every day just to get moving and to log my progress to see where it took me on the map and leaderboard. I also downloaded a step counter app on my phone to challenge myself into reaching and beating my goal on that as well. I watched what I ate and my portions. By the end of the challenge I walked a total of 96.5 miles and lost a total of 19 lbs. I enjoyed this very much! Definitely motivated me.”

Spring Into Motion Wellness Program Logo

“I randomly called a colleague for today’s challenge because she always has a way to look on the bright side of things and make me smile. It’s funny because when I first thought of this challenge, I was mainly focused on losing weight and getting steps in. But I love how gratitude and challenges are integrated to help us be mindful of our thoughts too! Be someone’s happiness today.”

Slam Dunk Wellness has kept me focused on eating right. With my age and injuries, vigorous exercise is not always possible. But when I eat right and get in steady exercise, I can still lower my weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Slam Dunk Wellness

“Initially I wanted to go solo, since I was lacking motivation. However, I was convinced to join a team and seeing their progress inspired me more than I imagined. There was no pressure to increase my activity but I did. Hope to stay motivated after we no longer receive daily messages with tips and reminders to easily enter progress.”

Ola Ala Wellness Program Logo

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