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Employee Wellness Challenges: You Can Keep Participants Coming Back for More (View the Presentation)

How many ways can you motivate someone to exercise and eat more vegetables? Quite a few, it turns out. In fact, at Health Enhancement Systems we’ve been creating knock-your-socks-off worksite wellness challenges for more than 20 years — centered on 3 simple ideas:

See our online wellness challenges.

Challenging wellness goals.

We set a high bar and give participants the chance to experience progress toward the wellness challenge goal. Changing habits established over years or decades is hard, so there needs to be a sense of accomplishment along the way to reinforce continued effort. It’s the reason we go to exceptional lengths to create engagement and progress tools like trails, stamps, tote boards, travel themes, game shows, etc.

Wellness challenge, Feel Like A Million is built with a game show theme.

Fun themes.

Every wellness challenge we create has an interesting theme and compelling visuals — usually with the opportunity to learn something beyond the health issue (such as fascinating national/international sites). We put more energy into this aspect of our campaigns than anyone... and it shows — we get thousands of compliments from excited participants each year.

Social connections are built into nearly all our wellness challenges

Social connections.

We built teams, buddies, and social gaming tools into our wellness challenges long before it was fashionable. Although we’re clear that health is a personal responsibility, there’s no question that you’re more likely to be successful if those around you are supportive.

But just because your employees, members, or clients are having a blast participating in our campaigns doesn’t mean we take worksite wellness lightly. We’re 100% focused on results. It’s why some of the largest corporate health promotion programs are long-term Health Enhancement Systems clients. And it’s also why small community colleges trust us as a central part of their wellness program year after year.

So check out our products. Sign up for a demo. Register for our e-newsletter. Download our white papers. Call us800.326.2317 — we want to help you get serious about having fun with employee wellness.