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How and Why to Foster Lifelong Learning at Work

Nora, a recently promoted team lead, has an insatiable drive to learn. Since joining the company, she has accessed many in-house learning opportunities, along with tuition reimbursement for online classes. She’s excited about her role as well as those opportunities for career development… and it shows.

After 2 years, Luke is getting bored with his day-to-day duties. He’s unaware of any employer-based support for learning. Unless his manager quits, there’s no way to advance within his department. He’s browsing online for jobs with more challenge and growth potential.

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Third Thursday POS Wellness

Simple, effective, and fun. That’s the best way to describe this easy-to-implement wellness program. On every third Thursday set up an education table in the cafeteria or other high traffic location (Point of Service). Align the topic with a national health month or an internal initiative. Some ideas to get started:

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Inspire Action with Wellness Testimonials

It is SO much easier when I plan our weekly dinners and shop based off the menu! No room for “I don't have anything to cook; let’s get fast food.”

Well-being pros enjoy sharing practical tips for healthy living; yet sometimes the most compelling messages come from participants.

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Collaboration Contributes to Wellness Program Success

Wellness programs don’t exist in a vacuum. In fact, if you’re going to have a real shot at success, effective collaboration across multiple functions — HR, food service, management, training, safety, etc. — is a must. Here are steps to foster ongoing collaboration starting today:

  • Solicit input from all quarters. Making everyone feel like their voice is heard engenders trust, and trust is needed to accomplish the next wellness goal. Go out of your way to seek input — not just from department heads but line workers as well.