What is Walktober™?

October is ideal for walking — the temperatures are cool and the colors are spectacular. Making the most of this great season, Walktober is a month-long campaign designed to inspire everyone to make walking a priority — in October and beyond.

How does it work?

Individuals track their steps (using a step counter) or minutes (dedicated walking minutes), aiming for 6000-10,000 steps or 30-60 minutes a day. The goal is to accumulate 5 or more leaves a week by recording daily minutes or steps:

Any combination of red, orange, or gold leaves counts toward the goal. Participants who are just starting out shoot for 20 or more red leaves, while those who are already active aim higher. The idea is to have a challenging target and develop a walking habit they can maintain for good.

Who can participate?

Walktober is designed for everyone — from inactive individuals to those already making great strides toward better health. Anyone can step it up and be successful with this cool weather walking program.

Is there a team competition?

Walktober has an optional team competition that emphasizes consistency — the group that averages the highest leaf score wins (red leaves = 3 points; orange leaves = 4 points; gold leaves = 5 points). This fun, encouraging addition helps build camaraderie and adds motivation, as participants not only contribute to their own success, but to their team’s as well.

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